Most appliances or gadgets are run by some sort of power. This power can be freely flowing through the system or it can be stored in a battery for use. The most obvious source of power is AC electricity that can be directed to an appliance through a cable or wire. The chargeable batteries or batteries that we commonly call cells are put into the appliance and a wire or cable is not needed here. The energy is usually stored in the battery and runs to the appliance when it is being used. Electricity is considered to be more reliable because it can not be interrupted unless there is a power outage which is a rare chance in itself. When there is a power outage however or we are in an area where electricity is not available we make use of batteries and things that are running on a charged battery. The best thing about rechargeable batteries is that they are cordless when charged and you can carry them every where you want without any restrictions of any sort. Most rechargeable batteries are charged with the help of electricity and the charge can stay for several hours and even several days if you use it sparingly. There are others batteries that are not charged with the help of electricity but they are still charged and used to run something for example car batteries. A car battery is usually containing some sort of acid in it and this acid is used to keep the battery charged. The battery is constantly being charged and used as the car runs but when you turn the car switch off the battery is stopped from being consumed. However, if you fail to maintain the acid level in the battery or forget the car switch on the battery will get discharged and you can not start your car without a charged battery. Often you can ask someone to help you push the car and once the car starts your battery will get charged again but for a dead battery you will need to take your car at the mechanics shop to get it in a working condition again.

Laptops also run on batteries and the laptop batteries are inbuilt. The cattery charger is connected to a wire and then the wire is switched in an AC outlet from one side and into the laptop from the other side. Once the battery is charged and the battery icon in the connection tray shows the battery to be full you can remove the wire and charger and put it in the laptop bag again. Cell phone battery also works in a similar fashion and it can be charged with the help of a charger connected with a wire. Cell phone battery is critically required and the battery indicator will always keep you informed of the battery charge level. Without a charged battery these battery powered appliances are nothing. When buying a laptop or a cell phone you can check the specification that identify how long the battery remains charged and what the talk time of a phone maybe. These indicators inform you of how long a battery can run.

Battery chargers can only charge a battery to a point that is marked full and if you keep the battery on charge even after it has reached the full level you are only shortening the life of your battery and it will in no case go beyond the full level of charging. The battery charger should be kept with the appliance in case you may need it in an emergency situation. Batteries plus is a website that provides information about all sorts of batteries and not just information you can also buy all sorts of batteries from this website.