No house is complete without a bed. No matter how hard your routine is you eventually want to come home to a comfortable bed, sleep and wake up fresh. The variety in the type of beds is amazing and people try to express their taste in furniture through their choice of bed and other furniture pieces in a house. Some people prefer to sleep on a single bed while others sleep on bigger beds that can hold two people. Queen sized beds are usually found in couple bedrooms while children prefer sleeping on floor set mattresses or bunk beds. Unlike chairs and sofas the numbers of beds are usually according to people living in the house. You can have extra chairs lying around the house but the only extra bed most houses will have will be the one present in the guest bedroom.

As bedrooms are the most important room of your house the most important piece of furniture in there will obviously be more prominent. Making a wrong choice in beds can create a mess in your bedroom. Some people end up choosing a bed with a good design that is very heavy in weight. You should keep in mind that a bed will be moving around the room whenever you change the room setting or you may have to move it to another house if you have to shift. Beds that are extremely heavy often become a hindrance when they are to be moved. In such events you will have to open the bed posts and parts and then move them as single pieces. Choose beds that are durable and worth investing in.

Sofa beds are also present in homes. These beds are perfect for a lazy day when you want to relax and watch TV. When you have guests over the sofa bed can be used for sleeping as well. These beds that are actually sofas are very comfortable and being multi-purpose they can be their sofa self unless you really need to convert it into a bed that will obviously take slightly more space. After using you can roll it back to be a sofa. Beds come in different sizes and shapes. Materials are also different for different beds. Some beds are made in wood while others are made in metal. The care requirements of each bed will obviously change according to the material choice in which your bed has been made.

Children love the idea of theme beds. Childrens beds that come with attractive cartoon character bed posts are very popular. These beds add a variety and attraction to the children room in a house. If your child loves racing the beds that look like a racing car are available in the market. Girls love to choose princess beds for their rooms in colors like pink and red. It so happens that children grow up very fast and the cartoon character they once liked may not be their favorite anymore after a few years. The best solution for this is that you choose theme based children's bedding. Cartoon based bed sheets and pillow covers decorate a bed in a very similar fashion but they can be easily replaced when your child grows up to start liking something else.

Bed linens and bedding adds to the appeal of a room. You can choose the linen according to the color scheme of your room. This color can go with your curtains or rugs etc. Bed linens come in all sorts of patterns and designs. Choice of material will affect how long your bed linen may stay fresh looking.

For people who let their pets sleep inside the house adorable dog beds and cat baskets are available in the market.