Business Cards

During most formal and informal business meetings and interactions the business executives exchange their business cards. A card that holds your designation, company name, telephone numbers, email address and similar information is called a business card. The whole idea of exchanging these cards is to keep the other person reminded that you have met and to provide them with your information in case they feel the need that they have to reach you. This exchange is a formal way of contact exchange and much more sophisticated then writing a number on a slip of paper or dictating your particulars to the interested party. Business cards and letter headed notepads are the very necessary business stationary that almost every company gets printed. Business cards are different for different employees and mention your information a long with your name.

It is believed that business cards speak about a person. This is true to an extent but not completely true. Most corporations do not give their employees the opportunity to have personalized business card design. The card design is the same for all employees and the only thing different is the information that the card holds. These cards have the same design from a lower level employee to the CEO of the company. The designation is what distinguishes one employee from another. The reason to keep the design standardized is that if every employee had his own card design the company would lose its family feel. Treatment of every employee would be different and each card would represent the same company but in a different light. This can result into a chaos and moreover clients fail to relate to the company if they see so many representations being put forward and each with a different level of expression. Business card printing would become a hectic and chaotic process for the company.

In the early business days business cards were used but their designs were very simple. Instead of a company logo people used crests at that time and these were printed on the cards but occasionally. Usually you would only see direct information like name, designation and number etc written in plain black text on a white card. Designing and company logos were introduced only recently. Free business cards are printed today if the company gets a lot of stationary printed from the same printing company. If a company is not offering such a generous service then you can always demand they print cheap business cards for you by offering discounts. Business cards have become such a critical business item that along a wallet most people carry a business card holder.

Attractive and sophisticated leather card holders come for professionals and are used by people that indulge in regular exchange of cards. If a person does not carry many business cards of people he gets to meet during business interactions than he can always carry the few that he holds in his wallet. Wallets have a card holder attached with them.

Business credit cards and ATM cards etc are also kept in the card holder attached to the wallet and that is why it is better to carry a separate card holder. A business credit card is a valuable possession. Business credit cards are being offered by almost al companies to their manager level and executive level employees. These cards offer a credit limit to their employees on the security of the company. These credit cards are given after looking at the personal credit history and the company credit history. Business birthday cards used as invitations are also being printed now as company stationary. These birthday cards are a formal invitation to a birthday party and are included in formal business communication.