Business Services

When a company is operating in the business world there are many services that it requires to perform. Apart from the basic business functions there are secondary business functions or operations that need to be performed. There are two types of companies: firstly the companies that perform all their tasks internally whether big or small these companies have centralized operations and everything is handled by the company management. The second type of companies is the ones that outsource their functions.

There are still many functions that a company can not handle itself. Using help or support of other companies can take a lot of burden off the shoulder of these companies that already have enough things on hand to be managed. Business services are now being provided by every business entity. All companies and corporations divide their clients in two broad categories: individual clients and companies. The buying and consumption pattern of individual clients is very different from business clients and that is why they need to be targeted differently and approached differently. A business service may be very small and insignificant like the janitor services and then there are the bigger and more important services like banking and account maintenance etc.

Business printing services handle the printing of all important business stationary. These printing companies also help design the stationary and then print them on order. Printing function is not necessarily required to be within the company as it can be obtained whenever required on order. Business cards, letter heads, calendars, diaries and any other business stationary that would be used to represent the company in some way is designed with the company logo and specifications and then printed to represent the company.

Business card printing services are usually a part of the overall printing services and are not treated to be distinct.

On the financial side a company may hire business accounting services. Finance functions like audits are included in these services. Some companies carry out an internal account audit and for more transparency they hire outside auditors who confirm that the results of the internal audit were authentic. There is a need to hire outside help because any inside party can get biased in the favor of the company. There are some regulatory authorities that carry company audits to keep a check on their performance. Audit may be included in the business valuation services. Valuation also includes employee surveys and other quality improvement and work environment improvement surveys. Business banking services are also a financial support function for a company. Banks treat business clients separately and their accounts are also treated in a different manner as compared to individual clients. These banking services include corporate accounts, salary accounts, business credit cards, loans and transactions etc.

Business support services may include specialized services like cleaning services, utility services, building maintenance and café etc. These support services are often ignored by employees but the business owners have to keep them in line all the time for a successfully operative business. Mail and parcel delivery etc are also support services that help a business communicate with its clients and other stake holders. Support services are outsourced in some cases and are centralized in others. This decision of whether to outsource these services or keep them centralized is dependant on how many functions the business can afford to manage. Internet is another major support function that has critical importance for running the business as well as for the communication. Business internet services are outsourced and the ISP that deals with your business has a huge responsibility as most businesses depend heavily on internet. The ISP has to ensure an uninterrupted supply of internet to the company.