Photography can be a hobby that most of us may adopt over time. Even if photography is not a hobby many of us need to use a camera for taking pictures. Cameras can help us capture the most cherished moments of our lives and to keep record of the crazy things that we have done and the moments that we have spent having fun and doing crazy things with people we love the most in our lives. Pictures are memories and they keep the moment alive and capture its entire mood in itself. We have noticed how a photographer is always hired on special occasions like birthday parties and weddings etc. even on formal business events like annual functions and seminars the moments of minutes of the meetings are captured with the help of cameras. Apart from taking simple pictures most cameras can also make videos. This feature of video making is not present in usually cameras that are meant for taking pictures on and are manual cameras that make use of a film or picture roll. The handy cams or the digital cameras have the inbuilt feature of taking pictures and making videos. A digital camera is essentially meant for taking pictures and the video making is an added feature or plus. On the other hand the handy cams are essentially video cameras and the picture taking feature comes as an added feature.

Although a camera is commonly used for taking pictures of happy events and cherished moments it can also be used for the purpose of reporting or capturing the happenings around the world. Reporting is done using video cameras and reporters of news papers and magazine make use of their cameras for picture taking. It has been made possible to let people around the world know about what is happening in other corners of the world through cameras. In fact the entire basic electronic device that has made TV viewing possible is the camera firstly which captures the scenes that are then broadcasted on the TV.

There are cameras available in cell phones these days and this proves how popular this particular piece of electronics is. These cameras are not the professional high resolution cameras that we usually have but they work well for taking spontaneous pictures and their picture results are also very good. Before deciding upon a camera you can ask around among your friends and people you know to give you a feed back on how good a particular camera is in bringing out the colors and picture clarity and resolution. You can also read the digital camera reviews available on the internet for more information and feed back on a particular camera. The camera results are different for different cameras. When you are using a manual camera with a film the results are printed with the help of the film negatives on a photographic paper. For digital cameras the results are converted to a computer using a data cable and these pictures can them be printed on a photographic paper or on a normal paper if need be.

Camera stores sell a wide variety of cameras and branded camera models along with camera accessories that are often used to enhance picture quality like focus lenses.

Camera bags are also used to carry cameras around. For more enhanced or specific picture taking an underwater camera can be used for capturing the beauty of marine life. Speed cameras are used by traffic police to measure the speed of a moving vehicle.

Fines are imposed if a driver is driving at a speed over the speed limit of a certain area. If you are visiting a place like Disney Land, Niagara Falls or any other place offering amazing sights and have forgotten your camera back at home you can buy disposable cameras and make use of them to capture the moments.