Cell Phones

When Graham Bell invented the telephone it was believed that distances have squeezed and no distance is long enough anymore. This revolutionary device inspired further new inventions and revolutions that made use of the basic principle of a telephone. Radio phones and walky talky was a variation of the phone. The newest rage in the telecom industry of every country is cell phones. This amazing device started off as a simple phone that you could carry with you everywhere you went but now the device has changed a great deal and there is so much about a cell phone that is yet to be improved and introduced. A cell phone is now a mini computer and it can even enable you to access internet, this very same device can become your radio or TV if you have the facilities enabled. Many people have stopped using the land line phones and have completely switched to cell phones as they believe that these phones eliminate the need of the obsolete technology phone. Other people carry both a cell phone and have a fixed land line at their home as well. A cellular phone provides you with the facility of voice calls, video calls and text messages. There are many companies that are dealing with cell phone manufacturing and they are working to enhance the screen graphics and battery life etc. as more and more features have been introduced in these phones the use of cell phone battery has also been accelerated. While you listen to songs, taking pictures and making videos everyday you consume a huge portion of your battery and there is not enough of it left for talk time which is but the primary purpose of cellphones.

Cell phones have become a prized possession one that all or most of us have today. Even in the third word country the cell phone boom has set their telecom industry as the fastest growing industry. Many cellular companies offer free talk time and free cell phones through their promotion deals. Promotion has done wonders for the cellular companies and the cell phone manufacturers. Cell phone plans are designed after consulting with the teams that advertise the plans so that the target market can be satisfied in a better manner. There are two basic cell phone plans one is prepaid cell phone plan and the other is post paid cell phone plan. As the name suggests you buy your talk time and SMS in advance when you have a prepaid plan and for the postpaid plan you use your connection and get a bill at the end of the month.

The telecom industry has become so competitive that companies have entered into price wars all over the world and the loss of this strategy is not for the user but for the company itself. In fact users are gaining from these price wars as cheap cell phone deals are available to them. A little time passes and another carrier further lowers tariff to which other companies respond immediately. Cell phone insurance is now being promoted to keep the cell phones safe as they contain you details and contact lists and are very valuable to a lot of us. Many cell phones are expensive enough to be insured. In case you lose your cell phone or damage it the insurance company takes care of the loss or damage. Unlocked cell phones are then promoted more as you can use a SIM card from any cellular carrier in these phones. When a company is offering cell phone deals that have packaged offers of a connection and cell phone together they offer locked phones. Cell phone accessories like charms and cell phone covers sell like hot cakes.