Domain Registration

Domain refers to an address that is shown in the form of human readable pattern to us but in fact it is a code for an IP address. Domains are the basic component or the running part of the internet. Contemporary internet use is heavily dependant on the domain names. The system which comprises of all these domain names is called the domain name system or the DNS. This system refers to a network of domain names that are representing different hosts which are computers. Each host has a different IP address and this IP address is the domain name coded so that we can read it and remember it easily.

The DNS is often called the phone book for internet. The machine or computers can not locate or understand the domain names that we see for example has no meaning to the computer but it does to us. The IP address behind this domain is what the computer will read and work with on the other hand we have no concern with the IP address and are just concerned with the domain name assigned to that particular address. Just like URLs are domain names out email addresses are also domains and mean something else in fact.

When we request a company to get a domain or to buy a domain we are requesting them to develop a website for us and give the website name to us and code it to an IP address. The domain registration company may charge you a fee for that and there are companies that offer free domain names. This name that will be assigned to you will be divided in two parts separated by a dot. As the internet has spread to a large extent many domain names may not be available at first and you may have to settle on a different name then the one you initially thought of. First off you will be required to check the availability of your domain name. This facility is available on many websites. All you have to do is specify one or two extensions that you prefer and then put the first name that you want to use as the domain. This search area will tell you if your required domain is available or not. It is better to always have 8 to 10 options on hand so that you can immediately check the availability of another domain without having to think much. A little change here and there can also fix the problem. If a domain will not be available with one extension you can always try other extensions.

The companies that offer domain name registration services offer two to three basic options including one option that allows the company to have a domain name registered by them and the company can then choose to run and edit the website on their own. On the other hand there is one other option that enables the company to give the entire responsibility of their website to the domain registration company. The domain registration company will then offer a free domain name because they can earn from the website maintenance and updating. In the case of a do it yourself website the layout will be fairly simple and it would not be hard for the company employees to make additions to the website on their own. However, the website that is being designed, edited and updated by the domain registration company can be complex in design and can offer many professional features that a simpler website may not be able to offer. The maintenance and content update etc will be done with the consent of the company or business itself and it makes things a lot easier for people who are not aware of how to run a website. Cheapest domain name will be the one for which you have given the entire website responsibility away to the registration company while a cheap domain may be offered to you in the future if you wish to start another website.