An earring is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the ear. They are a must jewelry item. They are worn by both sexes but they are typically more worn by women. Earrings are a jewelry that is worn by females of every age. Earrings are made of every material e.g. plastic, iron, silver, gold etc. Earrings having stones in them are comparatively expensive but give a formal and classy look. Among the gem stones diamond is perhaps the most valued and is always associated with riches and has always been used as a status symbol. Diamond earrings are a favorite among women. They are often used as gifts at wedding, promotions, anniversaries, graduation and often given as rewards. These earrings are available in dangling and big earrings usually worn at formal parties or weddings. They symbolize class and show the glamorous aspect of a personís personality. Its shining effect brings out your personality in a really positive manner. It also symbolizes your amazing choice. These earrings are often worn by middle-aged married women. On the other hand, pearl earrings have their own significance and their own effect on the observer. It has its own decency and is known as a symbol of elegance and decency. It is an object related to beauty from many ages and has become a metaphor for something that is fine, rare and pure. Where diamond earrings represent glam and status, pearl earrings show class and style.

On the contrary, gold and silver earrings are also available. Silver earrings available in a much lesser price range have their own aura. They are available in different carvings and are usually embedded with precious or semi-precious gemstones. These earrings can be presented to young teenage girls and would look really nice on them. Silver studs are also available. A huge range of different earring is available on the web and all kinds of earrings can be bought online. Silver earrings with diamonds and pearls studded in them are also available. Silver earrings are available in different shapes like in hoops and stone hinged earrings as well as ball earrings.

Diamond stud earrings are another genre of earring mostly popular among young girls. Studs usually penetrate through the ear and appear to float on the ear or earlobe. These earrings can be used as an amazing gift for young girls graduating or as a birthday present. Different types of diamonds are available from which a person can choose very easily. These studs give a very expensive yet elegant look. These studs are also available in a huge variety and sizes. They have al kinds of shapes in them. Diamond studs are available in heart shapes, long intertwined, wave, designer oval studs etc.

Young girls when see their mothers and aunts wearing amazing earring often ask their parents to get their ears pierced so that even they can decorate their ears with delicate earrings. But parents are usually very protective and possessive about their baby daughters and avoid getting their ears pierced. That is when the great clip on earrings helps them. Theses earrings look great and are available in every material. They have existed longer than any other variety of non-pierced earrings. Stick on earrings is also available but they are not as popular. Gold earrings are also a favorite among women. But these earrings are more used as informal purposes. These earrings give a really nice look and are available in a much lesser price range. Artificial earrings are popular and among them golden earring is the most popular. These earrings are easily available on the internet. Earrings have been a popular jewelry item for a long time now and its popularity is not fading even now after so many years.