Electronics is actually a line of science and engineering but when the word electronics is said we most commonly think of consumer electronics. We use several electronic equipment items around the house that make life easier for us and help us relax and keep us entertained. Some of these electronic devices that we use in our daily routine are cell phones, TV, computer, printers and DVD players / VCD players etc. It would be very hard to finish a day’s work in time if it wasn’t for these electronics. There are several brands that we hear of and trust when we think about buying the consumer electronics that we would need around the house. Some of these brands are known to us because our parents or our friends use these brands while others are lingering in our mind because of their amazing promotional campaigns.

LG Electronics

LG is a well trusted and well reputed name in the world of consumer electronics. This company has made a name over several years of hard work and promotional efforts. Technological advancement and product variety are some of the strengths of LG. LG electronics have a wide variety of air conditioners, washing machines, fridges and several other product ranges that they deal in. This company is operating in several countries around the world and catering to the consumer electronic needs of the consumers efficiently.

Fry’s Electronics

Frys electronics is a company that deals in computer hardware, software, consumer electronics and household appliances. This company or store is running a sales operation and providing a place to shop for their customers. You can simply visit the store and buy the equipment that you would need around the house. Computers of several brands can be found in the Frys stores.

Marine Electronics

This company is essentially a reseller of marine electronics. The main purpose of this company is to sell whole sale boating and fishing equipment that includes navigation equipment and several other similar products. Affordability is the key factor of the marine products and they invite you to compare prices with all the leading sellers of marine electronics and then make your choice.

MCM Electronics

MCM is a distributor of electronic equipment and components etc. This company is an authorized dealer for many top electronic product brands including Philips, LG, Denon and Panasonic. This company also provides equipment which includes audio and video equipment to home users and companies etc. Companies usually require these products for presentation and other seminars and gathering etc.

ABT Electronics

ABT is a company that offers free shipping of products that you order on their website. The ordered products are delivered to your home within a few days. This company has been serving consumers since 1936 and many brands are being offered in their product ranges. ABT electronics offers TVs, computers, communication devices like cell phones and house hold electronics etc.

RS Electronics

RS is serving industrial clients with products that include electronic and electrical appliance. You can place an order for a product of RS electronics through their website or you can call to order. The company has several sales offices operating around the country for easy buying and selling of products. Purchases can also be made from the company retail store.

Newark Electronics

Newark provides electronic components for industrial and house hold use. These components are required for repair and replacement. The company also offers repairs and replacement services at their workshops. The main focus of products and services of this company is customer satisfaction. You can take any problem to the company employees and feel free. You can walk out assured that your appliance will be put into working condition once again by trained professionals.