Hand bags are an everyday and every minute use for a woman. A handbag is a carrier used generally by women to carry there accessories and small personal items. A purse or a handbag is fashionably designed and is used to hold a number of items like wallet, makeup, hairbrush, cellular device or other items. Handbags are mostly used for carrying things or different everyday usage small items but nowadays having stylish handbags has become a fashion statement. Handbags are of different types for example clutch, tote, duffle, sling bag, messenger bag etc. Women go for stylish designer handbags as they are said to reflect a personís status and her personality as well. Designer handbags have become a fashion statement now. Handbags having labels of different designers have a higher price range being designer bags. Leather handbags are a favorite among women. Leather is a material created through tanning of hides and skins of animals. They give a very classy and expensive look. Many designers use leather in their handbags collection. Wholesale handbags are also available online. You can buy stylish designer made handbags at a comparatively very low price. They offer sales and a person can very easily buy the product on a much lesser price. Buying from a wholesale shop will give you access to more variety and you can enjoy low prices as well.

Every sort of bags is even offered online. Bags are made of every material you want. There are bags made of leather, lamb skin, suede, jute, straw, wool, cotton etc. Suede handbag is a must in every womanís handbag collection. Suede is a type of leather that is made from under side of the skin of primarily lamb, goat, deer or pig. It has very nice color ranges in it. They give a very classic sophisticated look. Suede is a very favorite material for handbag making for designers. Loiusvitton, Prada, Gucci, Versace, DKNY, Channel are the top handbags designers. They have designs that reflect persons amazing choice and personality. Prada handbags are expensive but are a must item in a celebrityís collection. They are in a higher price range but people with a limited budget can buy them online on discount websites where they are available on a much lesser price. Prada is best knows for its lovely handbags and its triangle logo. Prada has been associated with status and style. Prada handbags are simple, chic, streamlined and classic and come in different shapes and sizes. Purses and womenís handbags have taken different shapes and styles over the years. Bags with embroideries are also available.

Bags having diamonds and different other stones are also custom made on orders. There are bags with and without straps. Every possible shape has been seen in handbags from rectangular to circle. At first bags were just used as goods carrier and as a basic utility but as time has passed people are now using them more as a fashion statement.

Handbags are used by every person no matter what status he belongs to. But the brand and the type reflect a personís persona and his choice as well as his status. Handbags are also said to reflect a personís personality. DKNY handbags are also very high in handbags ratings. DKNY (Donna Karan New York) bags have been providing people with sexy and amazing bags. Its hobo style bags are very famous. Its incredible designs are desired by millions of people all around the world. The DKNY label has always been linked with wealth and lavishness. As an outcome her designs have become tremendously popular in the riches and the superstars. Because of the designers versatility it has been able to adapt with the personal style and needs of the celebrities.