Whenever a person is planning for a trip or visit to another city or country the first thing to be considered is a place where he will live once there. Only after you have booked a hotel room you worry about your travel plans like which mode of transportation to take and the other traveling accessories. Usually in cities that are mostly visited due to business attractions or tourist attractions offer all sorts of hotels for tourists and visitors. A hotel may vary in its tariff, facilities, location and room service etc. Certain hotels gain their popularity because they are present in the most important business centers of the world for instance this can be said for hotels in London. Although there are other cities in UK like Manchester that have particular business importance being an industrial city but London remains the metropolitan city receiving most business delegation and foreign company clients that seek top notch accommodation arrangements. London hotels that serve to the business clients offer all sorts of facilities that a corporate individual can require including a good reputation of the hotel name, business centers, conference halls for conducting meetings and good food. As most business trips are company sponsored for employees the cost of the trip is not an issue and people choose the best hotels to live in luxury if given the choice. Often companies decide which hotels their clients will live in when visiting a particular place. Luxuries of the highest order can also be found in Amsterdam hotels and New York hotels as both these cities are well visited by business travelers and sometimes vacationers.

A huge percentage of travelers is people that travel for educational purposes but often being students these travelers stay in university or college accommodation and hotel accommodation is not affordable or advisable for them. The needs of a student can not be properly met at hotels and it will also cost them more. Research students and also the students enrolled in taught courses stay on campus and study because they need to use the library facilities or the computer facilities at the campus. Living close to all the university facilities makes learning and studying easier for them. Although cheap hotels are also available for living but since they may not always be in close proximity with the college campus they do not make a good living option for students. But there are students that are visiting a particular college for a few days and if they can not find a place to live on campus hotels offer an affordable solution.

The third chunk of a significant size is of tourists. Lodging can get expensive and hard to find in peak seasons. For instance South Beach Hotels may not be in high demand during winters but other than that tourist are flocking to soak up the sun and a hotel has to be booked weeks or at times months in advance. Never plan a trip that is too abrupt because these trips will cost you a lot more than a well planned and well before time booked trip. Las Vegas hotels are always on demand and tourists are visiting to enjoy the gambling heaven. Most hotels in Las Vegas are expensive but you can also find choice hotels that will not charge too much but you will be very lucky to find a room in these hotels. As most people visiting the city are looking to spend most of their money in the casinos they try to save in accommodation. Dubai is another shopping and tourist heaven. Dubai Hotels like Burj-ul-Arab are counted among famous world buildings. These hotels offer generous luxuries to visitors.