Jewelry is a personal ornament or an accessory such as a necklace, bangle, earring, ring or bracelet made from precious metal or any other material. In earlier times jewelry was made for wealth storage purposes but now it has become fashion and an every day item. In primitive times jewelry was made up of natural material like bones of animals etc but now they are made up of precious metals and have become a status symbol and a fashion statement. There are a lot of kinds of jewelry. There is artificial jewelry, beaded jewelry, gold and silver jewelry etc. Body jewelry is jewelry that is manufactured especially for wearing in body piercing. Usually earrings are worn as jewelry but the western culture also has bellybutton piercing, tongue piercing, cheek piercing etc. Body jewelry for all these piercing is available in precious metals. When a person has really nice, expensive and precious jewelry he would also like something really nice to put all that jewelry in it. A huge variety of jewelry boxes and containers is available online. They are available in a huge variety. Jewelry containers made up of wood and metal both are available however a variety of jewelry containers for women and children are available. Women travel jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes for men that are really masculine are also available at very reasonable prices. They are available in all sizes and shapes.

Wholesale jewelry is also available on the web at a very low price. The jewelry is also of very good quality. The rate being cheap doesnít mean that you will have to compromise on the quality. You will be provided the best available jewelry and that too at comparatively cheap rates. Al the products from the gold and silver jewelry to the crystal jewelry reflect quality and are durable. Extremely elegant and beautiful jewelry sets are also available in different precious metals and gemstones. These sets contain a necklace with matching earrings. The designs are very elegant and unique. The jewelry sets are available in diamond, pearls, gold, silver, and beads. Sets of bracelets and rings and necklaces are also available offering variety. The sets are available in different sorts for example, necklace sets, earring set, bracelet set, pendent set and ring set.

Fashion jewelry is not usually precious. Itís usually pretty casual. For example the yellow livestrong bands were major fashion jewelry. Colorful stones and bright colored glass beads are the most happening this spring. This is the jewelry that is not made up of precious metals and stones. Costume jewelry is also a type of fashion jewelry. It is usually made up of less precious or valuable metals like plastic, glass, base metals etc. it is usually not expensive is reflective or flashy. While the other sorts of jewelry are kept for investment purposes and as collectibles, this type of jewelry is just for fashion sake. This jewelry can also be made up of gold or silver plated brass to give a more precious and expensive look. Pandora jewelry is a Danish company that produces handcrafted charm bracelets, rings and earrings. The items are individually handmade in Denmark from silver, gold, precious stones and murano glass.

Celtic jewelry is the jewelry made from Celtic knots. These knots are known for use in Christian monuments and manuscripts. Many people go for this jewelry because itís either their religion or their ethnic background. The cross jewelry is the most popular among the Celtic jewelry. Rings, bracelets, pendants are available in this jewelry. Silver jewelry is also very popular and is available in every style. You just have to pick and choose the style of jewelry that you love and then experiment and collect jewelry items to reflect your choice and sense of style.