Marketing And Advertising

Among the biggest advantages that internet has given to companies and corporations of all sizes include the online advertising. Internet is a medium that is extensively being used by anyone and everyone. People of all ages have access to the internet and they use it for various purposes. Some use internet for educational purposes for others it is a source of entertainment and then there are those that use it as a communication tool or medium. Due to the vast range and a huge number of people using internet, internet has become a fast acclaimed medium of advertising. Advertising is a component of marketing as a whole and internet provides the advertisers to experiment with their designs and advertise on a medium that is very different from the conventional marketing mediums i.e. newspaper and television. Marketing on internet needs to be designed differently. There are certain websites that are in high demand and people visit these websites quiet a lot. Now the marketers make it their goal to advertise on these websites and pay the website owner or the company running the website for advertising.

Online marketing is also done keeping in mind the basic principle of target market and segmentation. Depending on which target market is to be reached through the internet marketing campaign some websites are picket out. If the target market will be young the website will obviously be one visited by youngsters and one that caters to their interests like movies, music and social networking etc. These websites are also often chosen based on the traffic that they receive. Here the word traffic refers to people visiting these websites. One example of such advertising can be seen in the form of pop-ups. Banners are put on websites like yahoo and hotmail to advertise certain products and services.

The best tool of free advertising is the company’s own website. This website can be used to advertise but the problem will be that many people many not visit your website. To get people to a site often directing tabs are used. When you click on a directing tab you are taken to another website where you get to know in detail about an offer. Internet advertising makes extensive use of teaser advertising which captures the interest of a viewer but then takes him to probe more into the offer a simple click then directs you to another website. Advertising agencies now design a separate ad bundle for internet advertising and many companies have started including these internet media plans in their overall advertising deals.

Search engines also play a significant role in advertising and marketing. When you enter a certain keyword which may be a name of a product or service you are taken to the website of that particular product and to all other websites that include your keyword. A search engine works on very simple principles and the advertisers can use this simple website to their advantage. SEO or search engine optimization involves techniques that will bring more and more people to a particular website. These tricks and tools are mastered by the advertisers and webmasters dealing in these areas.

Network marketing is also used on the internet and usually through the company website. Companies that adopt network marketing usually indulge into direct selling and selling through referrals. People already using a particular brand suggest it to others which then indulge into a purchase. Network marketing has slower results than viral marketing or marketing on popular media. Once a brand has become known the chances of people clicking on its banners and visiting its website considerably increase.