Over the past several years the main strength or asset of a student or business executive has emerged to be data. The data that these students and executives gather after carrying out an extensive research is the jest of their hard work. Not all data can be presented in the form of screen views or can not be shown around on a computer or laptop. There are still many people who are not comfortable with staring at the screen to read and prefer the paper format. There is no doubt that the electronic data bases are much better and space efficient but the fact remains that some data has to be presented on paper. The data that we have on a computer can be copied on paper as it is using a computer printer. These printers are a machine that can read from the computer and then print the data on a paper that you feed to it. Printers have also been revolutionized over time. A printer was originally very slow in the printing process and these printers were called dot matrix printers that made a lot of noise and there was problem related to the paper getting stuck in the printer while printing was in progress. This technology was improved upon and printers were made faster and more efficient in operation.

Printers were a must requirement in offices but even in homes many people have printers installed with their computers. A printer can help you take your data and move around to remember it if it is a presentation or notes etc. You can also take print outs and send them to your teacher as an assignment. All assignments these days are required to be computer typed and printed which makes the printer an even more essential accessory with a computer. Printers print pages with a printer ink that comes in the form of cartridges. Although most computer printers are affordable and not very expensive if you consider their usability the main cost will be of replacing the ink cartridge when it dries out. Printer cartridges are sold in just black or in several colors as well. If your use is only for black printing then you do not need to invest in a color cartridge.

An inkjet printer is considered to be inexpensive and these printers are available at affordable prices. The basic technology in these inkjet printers is that there are very small jet sprays in the printer that spray the ink on the paper and that is then used for printing the data on the paper. Students tend to buy printers because they need to print research material and assignments. The best choices of printers for students are the all in one printers that are scanners, photo copiers and printers all in one. These printers eliminate the need to go to a printer completely and you can do these important tasks while in your room. Second hand printers can be bought to save some money. It so happens that a student is finishing with his college studies and has no use of the printer anymore. While moving out of the dorm most students sell such equipment pieces to new comers who need them. New students can purchase these second hand printers as they have been sparingly use and will be available for a lot less than a new printer.

The best and most professional printer so far is the laser printer. Laser printers are the fastest and make no noise like the previous dot matrix printers. The results of these printers are very fine and you can not make out the text pixels.