Among the cell phone craze there are several other things that become very popular. Self expression has always been very important to man and we get attracted towards everything that allows us to express our personality, likes and dislikes. Initially when the first generation of cell phones hit the market the ringtones available were called mono-tones. These tones were based on a melody but the ringtones that replaced them were much better and the mp3 format tones allowed people to experiment and use songs as a ringtone etc. It is very common that we always pay attention or are drawn to the ringtone whenever a cell phone rings around us and if the tone is pleasant and nice to listen to it sort of lightens us up. Your choice of ring tones is a reflection of your choice in music and how you see melody. Generally older people prefer tones from an older music artist or a peaceful and calm music while youngsters prefer hard core dance music or upbeat tunes. Most songs that we store in our phones can be used as a mobile ringtone but the fact remains that there are specific ring tones made on songs taking their tunes and not using the words but these tunes are clearly identifiable that they have been taken from a particular song. Then there are ring tones that are not from a song and are just based on tones or tunes composed randomly. People also use symphonies and other sole music as their mobile ringtones.

Apart from ring tones there are SMS tones that are also included in the same category but the primary tone remains the one more focused on. SMS tones and ring tones are also available in funny ringtones. These tones are made out of recordings that order you to or request you to take the call. You can make a customized tone for yourself by recording a tone in your own voice or in your kidís voice. Tones that get popular are then exchanged within friends and people at random. At your workplace or school etc when you listen to a ring tone that you like you request the person to share it with you. Blue tooth has made this sharing possible and very easy. All ring tones can be shared via blue tooth even if you have cell phones manufactured by different companies. This way you can collect free ringtones of your choice and put them on your phone. Some cell phones allow you to assign a different ring tone to every contact. You may not want to give every contact this special treatment but you can always assign different ring tones to your best friends or family etc. Some people settle down on the songs that they set as ring tone others get irritated when they hear lyrics when their phone rings and want proper ring tones that have been made out of songs specifically for the purpose of being used as a ring tone.

Free ring tones are extensively downloaded from the internet. There are many websites that offer ring tones of all sorts for download. It is interesting that all music websites offer the ring tone of a song that you are listening to. You can download ringtones for free and as many as you want. Most websites offering ring tones allow you an unlimited download. Ring tones have proved to be an amazing way of promoting songs. Get a free ringtone of your choice and express your taste of music better. You can also exchange these tones with your friends then and take the tones you like from them.