Although sunglasses are called with the name sun at the start but they are not just used in sun anymore. The purpose and use of these glasses or dark glasses has changed altogether. We can see celebrities wearing sunglasses at night on award shows and concerts etc. So basically the purpose of these glasses is now to be worn in any place where you want to look classy and have the excuse of glare be it the glare of the sun, snow or camera flashes. All of us know how important it is to use these glasses when we are going out in the sun. Several times we have heard doctors talk about how the blinding sunlight can damage your eye or the quality of vision. The main purpose of the glasses that we wear is to protect our eyes from any strong light and ensure clarity of vision. The clarity of vision becomes more critical when it comes to activities like driving, skiing or snow boarding and flying etc. Sunglasses are to be worn and frequently used by all men, women and children. Several glasses brands allow you to show off your sense of style. As the glasses come in colored or darkened shades you can experiment with both things the glass color and the frame of the sunglasses. Although several people with weak eyesight use contact lenses nowadays there are still people who use sight glasses and for these people there are prescription sunglasses available that are powered according to their sight glasses number.

Sunglasses or shades are used in many sports for example the use of sunglasses is critical in sports like shooting, archery, skiing, snow boarding and throws etc. As you have to aim to a certain target and want to hit at the exact spot you are aiming at you do not want the sunlight to affect your sight or clarity of vision. Sports sunglasses are offered by most sports gear shops. Oakley sunglasses are offering a separate line for sportswear glasses. The reason why sunglasses are needed so critically in snow related sports is that the blinding affect of the snow gets doubled. The sun is shinning in its place but its rays are also being reflected by the snow which makes the glare double its danger level.

Designer sunglasses are offered at extremely high prices but they also deliver the look or style that you crave when you look at models or movie actors. There are many designers that have a specific name in the sunglasses industry and these designers include Dior sunglasses, Prada sunglasses and Aviator sunglasses. Dior and Prada are two names that are ruling over the fashion industry and their products are used as a symbol of class and style by people who can afford to buy their products. Many of these designers use precious and semi-precious stones on their sunglasses. Designers like Oakley sunglasses also allow you to design your own sunglasses and express your own sense of style.

Ray Ban sunglasses have been a raging style statement for many years now. These glasses come in a particular style which is similar with the Police sunglasses. All the branded sunglasses can be bought from their own brand shops or from shops that deal in sunglasses particularly. Designer sunglasses can even be ordered. Sunglass Hut is a website that operates in many countries and offers designer and other sunglasses for buying. You can order a pair of sunglasses that you like and it will be shipped to you.

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