TV is an abbreviation for Television also known as the idiot box. This device changed the way communication was seen before TV was invented and become common. Today every house has at least one TV set in their home if not more. The use of TV has become so common that even the people who could not afford to buy a TV previously purchase one and enjoy the transmission. The programs that were run on televisions were seen as black and white as the TV technology was in its initial stages and was still being developed. Well the development has not stopped till today and TV companies strive to add more and more flavor to this box that brings amazing colors, images and sounds to our lives. We can simply watch programs that are based on entertainment, events and happenings while sitting at home. The picture quality and attractiveness of the television has always added to its appeal and the better the quality of picture and sound will be the closer the image will look to reality. Since everything is moving a tad bit closer to real life the television companies have developed TV sets like the LCD TV and the plasma TV. These TV sets take a lot let space in your TV room and are attractive to look at considering both the exterior and the function of the TV set. The pervious TV models required TV stands that were tables combined with a cupboard at the base often for placing other things like DVD players and movies etc. The LCD screen TV and plasma TV can be fixed to the wall on a bracket and there is no need of a TV stand.

The programs being broadcasted on television are recorded but the live TV popularity is on an increase and more and more people are becoming interested in live broadcasts. That is why most events like political gatherings, addresses, cricket matches and concerts etc are broadcasted live for viewers who want to see things as they happen. The choice of TV channels has also increased. Previously we only had the choice of watching government channels that focused on information and current affairs more and entertainment was hard to find. With the advent of more and more private channels entertainment became the focus of TV broadcast and entertainment in all areas of life was explored with time. The popularity of TV is such that it gets hard to spend time without TV now. There are shows and channels meant for specific target market. There are TV stations for sports, cooking, movies, music and information etc. TV listings are printed in newspapers everyday and TV channels also broadcast these listings after every little while. There are proper show followings and fan clubs of certain programs that are liked by people of all ages.

Apart from watching TV on your television sets you can also watch TV on the internet and recently cellular companies have started offering TV broadcast on phones. Free TV can be watched on the internet and channels have their websites showing their broadcasts while there are some websites that take permission from the channels to broadcast their shows and contents. Internet TV can be subscribed to as well as some channels do not offer free to all broadcasting while there are some channels that are open and free for viewing. Watching TV online can be very helpful when you are visiting some country where a particular channel is not available for viewing on television. Newer channels are being introduced everyday and more and more people are becoming addicted to the new trend known as channel surfing. With so much choice available it becomes hard to stick to a single channel.