Web Hosting

The World Wide Web that we know as WWW is the biggest web of different sites present on the internet and it is composed of these websites being run by different people. It often occurs to us who could be behind running these websites. It is a lot of work to maintain and update these websites and it is not possible for a single person to handle the task. Website maintenance and creation is a process that is maintained by either a single company or by different people at different times. Maintaining the website and running it is called hosting. Apart from these layman terms the technical function of a webhosting company is to provide a business or individual website space on their web server. These web servers have space for hosting websites and providing them a gateway and platform on the internet. Web hosts also offer services like internet connectivity, maintenance and updating of website content.

Although web hosting is a very broad term and it takes many different functions under its wing typically it means webpage hosting and small file uploading services. File uploads are handled as it is and files are uploaded without many changes. A little processing is done to the files where needed. Free web hosting services are provided to the businesses or individuals by the ISP. There are other companies that operate separately only in web hosting. These companies provide clients with more specialized services. There are alternate services providers available in the market that provide free hosting or cheap hosting to their clients. Web hosting is charged based on the size and complexity of a webpage. Usually a personal website that comprises of one or two web pages will be offered for free to clients.

Businesses require more complex websites and the web hosting requirements obviously change a great deal. There are several web pages in a corporate website that is representing a business or corporation on the web. You should be careful to hand your website hosting to a company that is reliable and works on the website on time as any up and down in the hosting can leave a very bad impression on the site visitor. Imagine when you visit a website that has not been updated for several months you will never take that company to be a responsible one. As your company website will be representing you on the internet it can make or break your reputation and it will be speaking for your functions and reliability that is why it is very important to hand your website to a reliable and trusted web host. Smaller companies that are running web hosting concerns just to earn some money may not live up to the expectations of big companies but you can hand your personal pages for hosting to such hosts.

For corporate websites or other websites that have a greater purpose to serve than jut proving they exist the web hosts offer multiple services like blogs, email hosting, website designing and online file manager access etc. The charges of these more complex websites are obviously more and they require more maintenance and are more demanding in nature. When settling for cheap web hosting be very careful about the server uptime. Most host companies claim to provide 99% or 99% uptime but this uptime does not count the server startup time or network lags. Carefully see if the uptime of your cheap website host is worth investing in. If you are ready to invest heavily in website hosting try the dedicated web hosting which provides you with more authority over your website. In this type of hosting a server will be handed to you so that you can operate you website on your own.