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Changing the way you think about internet marketing and effectively leveraging your advertising budget to meet your goals, on a performance-based sliding scale.

Before any website owner or operator begins a new advertising/marketing campaign to increase site traffic, driving sales or promoting innovations – they must first understand the fundamentals of:

  • WHO their target audience is.
  • WHAT exactly their visitor wants.
  • WHERE should an advertising dollars be spent.
  • WHEN is the best time to market the site/product.
  • WHY take on the mantle of marketing themselves.
  • HOW are they capturing new visitors/customers.

Most of the hard facts regarding the company product and customer can be determined by business minds of all levels, just by simply understanding the web site and what it is they plan to convey or sell. The What, Where, When and Why are all questions easily obtained by an internet marketing specialist based on existing advertising programs being used and effective results.

Pay Per Click Advertising and Contextual Link Marketing

Two common and arguably the most powerful internet marketing tools and the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising providers, and Contextual Link Marketing. Each of the two methods perform very well, while targeting different kind of web users.

PPC Advertising is typically a text link and copy, which is placed in a catalog, directory, or delivered by way of a banner system. Advertising budget dollars are allocated on a bidding system where the advertiser sets a maximum bid price per click for their ad. This allows the advertiser to control his/her budget, while dictating their performance, based on other advertisers competing for the same visitors.

Contextual Link Marketers on the other hand typically pay a flat rate for the placement of links to their sites within corresponding text in related websites with moderate to high search rank and “trust”. The visitors that this marketing attracts are those seeking additional information and a source for more answers. Whereas PPC advertising zones in on visitors who know what they are looking for and are ready to buy.