CD Equipment?

There are many computer accessories that we are greatly dependant on now. There is a constant process of technology up gradation on the way and new things are replacing older version very fast. One computer component that is still very popular among users because of the convenience that it offers and the reliability factor is CD. CD stands for compact disk and this small disc is use in several places and is known to serve several purposes for us in our daily lives. Although DVDs have been introduced as the next generation of CDs the popularity of the product has only gone down a little bit.

Comparatively CDs are cheaper when compared to a DVD and most homes have appliances and gadgets that run CDs and not DVDs. The use of these discs has been seen in every aspect of our life. Whether we are renting a movie or buying software it is available on a CD. We can store important data on the CD and can write CDs at home using a CD burner. CDs are exchanged during presentations and if carrying a flash disk or laptop is not possible the presenter will burn his data or presentation on a CD and take it along for the presentation. This technology is totally reliable and you can trust your CD to work every time you will put it in a CD player. The issue with a flash drive or laptop during presentations is that you can not leave these with the client or the company you have just made a presentation you but you can hand out CDs or your presentation and other important documents to your audience so that they can refer back to it whenever they need to.

When you go to buy a CD there are two types of CDs available in the market one is a writeable CD while the other is a re-writeable CD. The writeable CD is the one that is usually marked with a CD R. These CD can be written on only once and after that you will just be able to read off the CD and can not make any changes or write any new files on the CD. It is better to present your reports or assignments as well as your presentation copies on a CD R because no one will be able to make changes to the work that you have done. The second type of CD is a CD RW. This CD is a re writable CD and you can make changes or write new files on this CD whenever you want to. This CD will allow you to add files unless the given space on the CD exhausts. CD RW is better for personal use CD storage. Make sure you place or store your CDs in a safe place as any scratches on the CD surface can result into issues with the CD performance and running. There are several attractive CD holders available in the market that will help you keep all your CDs in one place safely.

Most homes have CD players available and it is used for watching movies etc. There are CD players available in computers as well. A CD player allows you to read CDs only and for writing on CDs you require a CD burner. However, a CD burner is not essentially a CD writer only you can read and write CDs using a CD burner. Car CD players are used to keep us entertained while driving and there is a huge library of music that we maintain on CDs. Car CD mp3 players allow you to listen to mp3 CDs and other format CDs simultaneously.