Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are forever. There are many things that we associate to the precious gem or stone called diamond. The price of a ring or a watch or any other item that has diamonds in it is determined by the size and quantity of diamonds that are there. Diamond is in fact a precious stone that is an allotrope of carbon. Carbon element is also present at the base of coal but both coal and diamonds are far away from each other in look and value. It is not the element make of a thin that is important when it is as precious looking as a diamond. It is said that the price of a diamond is determined by the number of cuts that are there in its make. Generally diamond is a very tough element and it takes efforts and investment to cut and shape a diamond. As diamonds are the third toughest or hardest element on earth they can be shaped or cut using diamonds.

Diamonds are also used in other cutting processes where tough stones need to be cut during rigging and under ground digging. Most diamonds do not come in bigger sizes but even in a small size a diamond is pretty expensive. Here are several other gems and stones that are considered to be precious but nothing compares to the beauty or value of a diamond.

Diamonds are used in jewelry of all types. It is used in earrings, rings, necklaces, tiaras and watches etc. There are diamonds on bags and shoes even today and designers are using the value of this stone to make money from diamond crazy celebrities and other people who can afford to buy the very expensive diamond studded jewelry and other items. Hot diamonds are used in rings that are exchanged as a token of love between husband and wife on weddings and also on engagement ceremonies. The key to any woman’s heart can be a diamond ring and knowing this secret has made life easier for many men. Diamond earrings and several other jewelry objects are given as presents on Christmas, wedding anniversaries and birthdays etc. he craze of this precious stone is not limited to women only and men also wear diamond rings and stud earrings etc. Diamond stud earning were worn by hip hop artists first off and then the culture was adopted by many young men who wanted to try out this unique style Hip hop artists are even having diamonds studded in their braces to make their smiles shine brighter. As expensive as diamonds are the jewelry and other objects that you own with diamonds on them can be insured. Several insurance companies are offering diamond insurance.

Helzberg Diamonds is a diamond company that is operational since 1915 and has been serving people with diamond jewelry since. There are several other companies dealing in diamond jewelry that is in high demand.

Hot diamonds or blood diamonds are the diamonds that are mined in areas affected by war and areas that have war conditions prevalent there. The ruling oppressors use the war victims for labor and bind them under guarded supervision to force them to search for diamonds. Many people lose their lives in these mining conditions and then the oppressors sell these diamonds to buy supplies and guns for war.

There is a children computer game called Pokemon diamond and pearl. This game is set in an imagined region of Sinnoh and the game requires the players to train Pokemons that they found on their quest and also to fight the enemy group. Pokemon diamond and Pokemon peral are two pokemons that are available to the players for help and assistance.