DVD Rentals?

If we ignore the use of DVDs in offices and educational institutions for a bit and focus on only the places where DVD rental is operational we will still have a wide application of this computer component. A DVD is used for storage purposes and the purpose or use of DVD rentals is not much different from that of CD rental. When movie and songs were recorded on video cassettes the rental business exists from that time and people prefer to rent a movie and watch it instead of buying the DVD and watching the movie from there.

Huge rental shops are present in most market areas and people indulge in movie renting heavily. These renters receive amazing prints of the movies within one or two days of a movie release and their business thrives on this supply efficiency. The rental shop would have any movie that you request for. They have racks and racks full of CDs and now DVDs on which they have movies, TV shows and music DVDs that people rent for a day watch and then return. The rent for taking a movie is very less and the amount that you would pay to buy a DVD is sufficient for you to watch several movies on rent. Renters have to invest more in buying a DVD as compared to CD but the DVD movie print is far better than that of a movie recorded on the CD.

DVD movies have a huge edge over CDs for renters. It is true that they are paying more for a DVD movie but they are also earning more on them DVD is a more reliable technology and the fact that it is not damaged as easily as a CD is simply amazing.

Previously a CD would get scratched after four to five constant runs and customers would complain and often come back to change the CD or just simply return it. There was another problem that a movie required to be written on two CDs as there was not enough space on one CD to hold a complete movie. To eliminate all these problems the rent store owners now buy DVDs.

To eliminate the problem of expensive DVDs the rent stores look for cheap DVDs. These DVDs are available from the wholesale shops that deal in computer equipment. A cheap DVD is also available if you buy a pirated copy of a movie. As these DVDs are available illegally they save a lot of taxes and can afford to sell cheap. Video piracy is a huge problem and authorities are constantly trying to give the actors and directors their fair share of their earnings by eliminating movie piracy. The piracy matter has been taken up in several courts and many companies have been sued because they were involved in selling pirated content. The biggest issue with piracy is that the people who work hard for a movie and those who buy these movies for distributing lose on the profits hen the DVD sale is done underhand and against the law. For example many movies are recorded from cinemas using secret or hidden cameras and then these cinema prints are copies on cheap DVDs and rented or sold to renters. It is our duty as responsible citizens to report to authorities on their toll free numbers if we see any renter or any other company involved in such illegal activities. Any person involved in such an activity is stealing tax. Renters should assume responsibility and acquire new DVD releases legally. Cheap DVD movies can be rented once the movie has become a little old. Availability of online DVD rental allows you to book a movie online just to make sure no one takes it before you.