The use of internet has been dramatically increased in the past two decades. Internet is being used by young and adults equally and these people are putting the amazing medium that we call internet to practical use and trying to get maximum benefit out of it. Internet is a facility that has become as important as a telephone and every home has access to internet whether it is high speed internet or usual dial up internet. Internet access was being handled by telephone companies previously but now many companies are emerging that deal in providing internet and apart from providing this service these people need the expertise to service the lines and solve any problems that may emerge with time. These companies providing internet to the home and business consumers are called ISP. ISP stands for internet service provider and these companies require the investment and technical backup to be able to satisfy the demand of internet. Initially we had to make use of our telephone cables to get access to internet but this connection did not offer high speed internet required for video streaming and other more technical operations like upload and download of files which was very slow on the dial up internet.

DSL was the next step in internet connectivity and this technology also made use of the telephone lines. The DSL technology also known as digital subscriber line made use of the frequency that was not being used by the telephone lines. ADSL or asymmetric digital subscriber line is also a form of the DSL. Both these technologies make use of the copper telephone lines and particularly their high speed frequencies. Usually the speed of the DSL is measured in terms of its download speed. Download speed is faster than upload speed of a DSL and can range from 512 kbs to 24,000 kps. The basic technology or trick of the ADSL or DSL technology is that it divides the phone line into two bands or parts. The voice or voice data is carried over the low frequency while the internet data is carried over the high frequency lines. Both these bands operate simultaneously on the same telephone line without bothering the other.

Broadband internet refers to the transmitting of radio signals on a channel. This system of broadband depends on the bandwidth being transferred on the line. This system of providing internet is not much different from DSL and also depends on the frequencies and their settings. Broadband also comes in the wireless broadband variety and this type of internet is faster as multiple packets of data can be transmitted at one time. The broadband internet connection is used by individuals and companies that need to handle some very technical work of downloading and uploading on the internet. The broadband providers strive to get new deals in internet accounts so that they can earn more. Business clients are more profitable to these companies as compared to individual clients.

As the ISP industry gets more and more competitive and saturated competition increases and it gets tougher for companies to earn profits. Many companies offer schemes and discounts so that more and more people are attracted to them but at the end of the day more important is not the cheap broadband but its services and speed. If a broadband is functioning well and giving you uninterrupted connectivity then paying a little more should not be a problem. Broadband speed test and broadband speed check are some of the ways in which you can keep a check on the performance of your internet connection. Viruses etc can significantly impact the speed of your connection.