There are always two reasons for using an accessory. Either you want to use it because of its usability or you want to use it as a fashion accessory or fashion statement. When it comes to watches you can use a watch for keeping you informed of time or you can use it to keep your wrist full and looking nice. We have heard an idiom like time is money and we know that this is true to a great extent. A person who conquers time can always achieve great things in life. Watches have been given as presents for ages now. A watch is a gift that has a meaning and a lesson in it. It was believed that when a parent or grand parent gave a watch as a present to their child or grand child they were in fact informing him of the importance of time. This is true to a great extent. Although we have stepped into a time where most things have lost their meaning and they are done just for the purpose of doing them we can still recall certain important associations at times. Watches are given as presents and they exude a feeling of love and care to the person receiving the present. This accessory keeps you reminded of how important your time is and how badly you need to do things on time. Men are known to wear watches more as compared to women and a reason for this could be that women have several choices when it comes to wrist wear while men only have a limited choice out of which a watch is the most obvious and sophisticated.

There are several styles of watches and you can choose the style that is in fashion or the one that you find most comfortable to use. Pocket watches were considered as a style statement and a symbol of class several decades back but the newer version of watches which was wrist watches became more popular than any other form of a watch. Generally the watch manufacturers make mens watches as heavy looking yet sophisticated while the ladies watches are made to be delicate and classy looking. The choice of color in ladies watches are amazing and you can find any color you want but the watches target at elder men or businessmen are offered in certain subtle and sophisticated colors. Having said that colors are associated with females as it is and men prefer wearing black, blue, brown or maroon if they are feeling like wearing something colorful. Kidís watches are also available in a wide variety. You can find watches made with cartoon characters and extremely attractive and colorful watches that kids love to wear and show off.

You can find watches for all ages and both genders in the market. The price range of these watches can range from very cheap to extremely expensive. The watch will cost higher if it is coming from a known designer for example Casio watches, Breitling watches, Tag watches, DKNY watches and Armani watches are considered among the most expensive watches in the market. These designer watches are exclusively designed for the elite class and have diamonds and other precious metals and stones used in them. When people invest so much in their watches they value them greatly. Watches are even insured if they are of above a certain value. You may have noticed some watch lost ads in the news papers that mention how a watch was a family possession and it had been running in the family for a long time. Just like mothers pass on their rings or earrings to their next generation females the male members of the family pass their watches on. Watches are a cherished possession for many of us and people even like to collect different watches as a hobby.