If you have ever worked on starting or maintaining a website you would know how demanding this job can be. For your own personal website you are the webmaster. That means you overlook all the operations of your website if you are not hiring professional help obviously. But even if you hire professional help to run and maintain your website you will be looking over how things are being handled. Hence, basically as long as you have the control of your website in your hand and are acting as your website manager you earn the title of a webmaster. In the early times a webmaster was an individual that handled things on a personal level and that was understandable because the websites were not as complex as they are today. The entire concept of the webmaster has been changed today. The webmaster is running a show which includes an entire team of professionals that have specialized knowledge about specific function regarding website design, maintenance, graphics and updates etc. Initially there was not much role definition when it came to the webmasters. This has changed today and the webmaster or webmaster in chief can be the head of a web development company having an entire team of professional designers and coders etc working under him.

The webmaster tools today are more managerial then functional. This one person is still responsible for the design, administration, website architecture, marketing and developing of the website but he is no longer doing all this on his own. Instead he is running a big show or a team that consists of individuals that take care of all these functions for him and he overlooks their performance. Webmaster can be named as a profession today as these individuals know about all the aspects of running a website successfully. The expertise of these individuals is generalized and they can handle many technical functions that form the basic web communication. The HTML know-how of the webmaster has to be superior to all other people working for him and only then he can help them out wherever they go wrong.

A webmaster can be compared to a project manager who is juggling many operations of a bigger project and making sure that all functions flow smoothly into each other and the communication or support is never lost. Webmasters are employed by the business or the company that owns the website and only a company that realizes the importance of proper and flawless maintenance of the website will indulge into such specialized functions. Most companies that only operate on internet and their websites are their sole representation to customers hires these experts to protect their reputation in front of their clients. It would not be wrong to say that webmasters are employee supervisors and they direct people on how to run the machinery of a website metaphorically speaking. Webmasters make sure that the website is being advertised and promoted properly and their efforts of maintaining and designing an attractive and functional website are not going to waste. The webmasters take the responsibility of directing traffic to the website through different means and techniques and then he is the one who has to make sure that these people are served in a timely manner and no visitor of the website leaves unattended or disappointed in the content or structure of the website.

Adult webmaster is a person that overlooks the adult rated websites. The legal aspect of these websites is very critical and the adult webmaster content legalization pressure is what makes this job difficult and challenging. If any content finds its way to the website which is not obtained through legal means it may result into a law suit that can cost heavily to the company.